The Heart of Africa Retreat is a collaborative project between renowned safari guide Mat Dry and highly successful life coach Bonnie Moehle. This dynamic partnership is at the forefront of immersive, experiential travel with a heart. With a passion for travel, adventure and personal growth Bonnie and Mat have created a unique once in a lifetime experience just for you.


THe Retreat

The Heart of Africa Transformational Retreat is a life-changing experience. If you have a passion for personal development, there is a vulnerability that happens when you are in Africa, unlike in any other place you might visit. This vulnerability will open you up to an experience that will not only move you, but change you forever.


Africa transforms. Perhaps it takes place during the daily coaching sessions. Maybe it happens when you meet peoples of extraordinary diversity and know that you are just a small part of a greater whole with a common history that spans endless millennium. Perhaps it is the awesome topography of the world’s oldest continent that will open you up and alter your perspective. Perhaps it is the safaris where you see elephants, rhinos and hippos with their enormous size, or witness the wildebeest and zebra migrations across endless plains. Maybe it's seeing predators stalking their way through Africa’s untamed wilds. Perhaps it is simply that you come to Africa with a passion for transcending your everyday life, and a burning desire to experience something wonderful - even magical.  Africa never disappoints.


During the Heart of Africa Retreat, you will explore the people, nature and creatures of this remarkable continent, and you will experience daily, transformational coaching that will help you to make life altering changes.  You will learn to release self-imposed limitations, and you will gain insights and tools for letting go of unwanted patterns, overcoming stress and overwhelm, becoming empowered and compassionate, and knowing your purpose and potential.  And the best part, when you return home, you will have what you need to create thelife you desire.


TEN Reasons Why Heart Of Africa Retreat Is For You

1. It’s MORE than just travel.

2. You will experience a life changing journey inward.

3. You will participate in an array of unique activities designed to capture your sense of adventure.

4. You will receive ongoing coaching to help you discover your inner truth and purpose.

5. You will learn more than you ever thought possible about the intricacies of Africa’s wildlife.

6.  You will be immersed in Africa’s local culture.

7.  You will travel with like-minded people who are looking to live their lives to the fullest.

8.  You will look into the eyes of Africa's most celebrated iconic animals.

9.  You will receive a free, seriously you'll want it.

10.  For the same price as a week-long Five-Star trip anywhere else, you will receive a twelve day safari, meals and accommodations, and the guidance of two experts in their fields, who will facilitate a journey of discovery about the world around you and the one within you.


Mat has lived and worked in Africa as a safari guide over 10 years. Starting on Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Mat gained his safari-guiding credentials from the renowned school, Ulovane, and the Field Guide’s Association of Southern Africa in 2007. He worked as a safari guide at a five-star lodge for six months and then decided that he wanted to see more of Africa. He joined one of the Africa’s premiere overlanding companies, Africa Travel Company. He has been working as a guide in both East and Southern Africa until deciding to create TIA Safaris.

With a passion for Africa and a particular love for its flora and fauna, Mat is now living his dream; taking people across Africa and introducing them to Africa’s beauties and wonders. In creating TIA Safaris, Mat has found the perfect vehicle for not only taking people on safari, but also teaching them to love and understand Africa. From the Mountain Gorillas in the Virunga Moutains of Uganda to the Cape Floral Kingdom on top of Table Mountain in Capetown, South Africa there is nothing in between Mat wants you to miss.

bonnie moehle

Bonnie, a Personal, Executive and Relationship Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist, was educated at The University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. For over 20 years she has been actively studying and teaching spirituality, personal development and alternative types of healing. She speaks nationally and has a private practice in Phoenix.

Bonnie feels blessed to have had the opportunity to help many people make dramatic changes in their lives. Her individual practice is based on the belief that we all have the unlimited potential to achieve our dreams. Included in her teachings are the how-to’s for letting go of critical self-talk, fear, stress, anxiety, and any other challenges that prevent us from living our lives to the fullest. Her programs are designed to promote joy, peace, health, prosperity, better relationships and overall well-being.  She teaches ushow to live in the flow and to manifest our desires.

Bonnie is also an accomplished author with two books that have been embraced by readers and endorsed by acclaimed New York Times Best Selling authors, Jack Canfield and Ivan Misner. In her first book, Thoughts from Within: A Guide to Inner Peace in a Crazy World, Bonnie teaches how to increase self-love and remove the thoughts and programs that prevent us from living life to its fullest. In her book, What is Happiness, and Where Can I Get Some?, Bonnie shares her personal discovery of the everlasting source of happiness and how to find it within.

Bonnie also facilitates private workshops for groups and businesses interested in creating stress-free environments, better relationships and greater financial success. In addition she has been the keynote speaker at many events, including the Emerging Healer’s Conference. She has also written for several publications. Bonnie’s growing popularity can be measured by the thousands of people, internationally, that have subscribed to her blog, and who greatly appreciate and support her ongoing work.

Mat’s passion for all things Africa – the Big Five, flora, other fauna and its people – is contagious among his tour participants. Mat keeps you thinking about what you see, and wondering what you will see next, whether you are starting on the first day of his safari or ending a 40-day overland journey. I’ve been around the world many times and it’s unusual to find someone like Mat who can maintain an enthusiasm for his job on a daily basis. Wild Africa may be the attraction, but Mat seems to bring it all more to life. Highly recommended.
— Drew Jeschke

Bonnie is an amazing coach! She is able to produce results in your life that you never thought possible. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for ways to improve their life and career. Just one meeting with her will help you immensely!
— Chistine Forakis