Frequently Asked Questions. We get it. It's not everyday you travel to Africa and go on a safari. We're here to help. From what clothes to pack to when to tell your boss you'll be back...we have an answer. If you don't see it listed here, drop us a line.

Q. What should I pack?

For the type of overlanding trip that we will be doing you want to pack a little on  the light side as there is limited space on the truck (think backpack vs large suitcase). You want to bring comfortable clothes for light activity preferably of neutral colors (khaki). One pair of closed shoes like hiking boots or running shoes is a necessity. You will want to bring one warm outfit and a jacket in case there is a chilly evening or morning. 

You will also want to bring a flashlight (preferably a head lamp), extra batteries, camera, charger, cosmetics and toiletry necessities, small first aid kit, insect repellent, sun-screen, and a hat. 

Q. What vaccinations do I need?

The only vaccination you absolutely need is for Yellow Fever. You can look on the CDC's (Center for Disease Control) website for suggested vaccinations for the countries we will be traveling to which are Kenya and Tanzania.

Q. What should I take for malaria?

If you are going to be taking a prophylactic for Malaria, the mostly highly recommended drug with the least number of side effects is Malarone. There are other options which you may discuss with your travel doctor or once again visit the CDC's website for anti-malarials used in East Africa to see which one may be best for you. Please be aware that Lariam, although cheap and easy to take, may have the side-effect, psychosis, in some people. Please be cautious in selecting this possibility.

Q. What visas do I need?

You will not need to get any visas before you begin this trip unless you are from Australia or New Zealand. (Please check with Kenya and Tanzania's policy on your visa requirements). Others will be procuring the visas upon entry into each country that we will be visiting. For Kenya you will be purchasing a $50.00 US visa upon arrival and Tanzania, $100.00US.

Q. Do you cater for vegetarians, food allergies, or other special diets?

We do. Our lodges can accommodate just about any diet. Just let us know what your restrictions are and we will work with you to insure that your dietary desires are fulfilled.

Q. Do I need to bring cash, credit cards, or travelers checks?

The best way to travel is bring American dollars with you for exchanging. You can also bring an ATM card with you to procure local currency. In Kenya you will get Kenyan Shillings.  In Tanzania the money is Tanzanian Shillings. In some places you will be able to use a credit card for purchases. Please make sure to have 50 and 100 dollar bills that have been printed after 2008 and are in good condition. 

You will need money for drinks, snacks, tipping, optional activities, and for buying souvenirs.

Q. Do I need to worry about political turmoil in the places we are visiting?

This is a definite no. The countries we will be visiting are all stable countries. In the event of any possible local turmoil, the trip will be detoured to ensure the safety of the clients and the continuation of the trip.

q. will there be rest stops along the way, particularly on the days with long drives?

Yes. There will be rest stops as needed along the way. It is possible that we may have to stop in rural areas to use the "facilitrees" rather than conventional restrooms as there are some long distances between regular facilities.

Q. How Do I Book Flights?

Airfares are not included, but we can give you some helpful hints. We recommend booking approximately 2-3 months out for the best prices and times. When scheduling your flight, please be sure to arrive in time to attend the pre-departure meeting at 5PM on Sunday September 24th.  You will be flying into and out of Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi.

Q. How do I pay for the trip?

Heart of Africa Retreat requires a 33% non-refundable, cash down-payment to book a spot with us. This down-payment will be returned in the unlikely event that the trip is cancelled due to lack of participation. The rest of the payment must be made be made by April 17, 2018. The rest of the payment may be made with a credit card but there is a 3% charge for its use. Please see below for the terms and conditions.

Q. What Are your Terms & Conditions?

You can learn more HERE.